bear boat cruise

Anchoring the wonderful week of events during Bear Week in Provincetown, this annual boat ride is the golden honey pot of dancing, cruising, and fun. Plan to join 900 of your closest friends aboard the enormous open-air top deck of The Provincetown II, Boston's biggest passenger cruise ship. This sells out every year, so buy your tickets early!

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DeadZone Game

Race to cure humanity from the zombie apocalypse. You and your team have 90 minutes to solve the puzzles and collect the data. Compete against other teams of scavengers to find the cure, while staying clear of the zombie infection. Will your team survive the outbreak? Recruit your friends and join us for this fun outdoor Escape Game Adventure!!

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Terror Vault


October 2019, the brand new fully immersive and completely terrifying haunted attraction returns to The San Francisco Mint. Into The Dark: Terror Vault, written and co-produced by Joshua Grannell (aka "Peaches Christ"), was an unforgettable thrill ride through the despicable horrors that once filled this massive cellar. 

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“Alice Cooper concert meets Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, put through a prism of a classical theatrical performance”
— Steve Desroches, Provincetown Magazine