Since 2001, we have created unique experiences - fun, theatrical, immersive, sometimes unnerving, and always entertaining!

Dead Silence

(20015,16/Provincetown, MA)

Dead Silence was a 30-minute, fully theatrical, immersive, horror attraction that delved into Provincetown's secret history. Combining the elements of environmental theater, 4D effects, and haunted mazes, it successfully shocked and entertained more than 2000 visitors.

Wicked Winter Wonderland

(December 2016/Provincetown, MA)

This holiday-themed fright maze was a unique experience designed for naughty, naughty girls and boys. Described as a "not so merry offering" for the typically festive season, it was a rogue tour of Santa's workshop led by disgruntled elves who were overworked and underpaid. 


(2009-13/Provincetown, MA)

Using live actors, eerie lighting effects, and frighteningly realistic sets, DFP transformed Provincetown's Aquarium Mall into a haunted attraction. Every Halloween from 2009 to 2013, brave souls walked through this "town" filled with horror and unsavory surprises -- and returned for more!


(2012/Provincetown, MA)

Enlivening the summer scene in 2012, this original and erotically charged cabaret offered audiences a campy, seductive twist on classic parlor-room trickery. Performed as a spiritualist investigation, the thirteen acts combined burlesque theater, live vocals, circus arts, mystical imagery, and vaudeville comedy.


(2003-14/Provincetown, MA)

DFP has created more award-winning Provincetown Carnival floats than any other participant. With original interpretations of the year's theme, these convoys brought live theater and all its trappings down Commercial Street in front of crowds up to 80,000 people. You could count on elaborate costumes, dramatic and comedic acting, uplifting music, plus lots of beads and trinkets flying!!