DeadZone Zombie Tag

Join forces with your family and friends to defeat the zombie apocalypse. This fun and exciting live interactive game combines the elements of tag, scavenger hunts, and escape rooms. Race around Provincetown for 1 hour while you solve the puzzles, collect the data, avoid the zombies, and win cool prizes.
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Bear Boat Sunset Cruise

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Anchoring the wonderful week of events during Bear Week in Provincetown, this boat ride is the golden honey pot of dancing, cruising, and fun. Plan to join 1000 of your closest friends aboard the enormous open-air top deck of The Provincetown II, Boston's biggest passenger cruise ship. This sells out every year, so buy your tickets early!
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Haunted Hotel

Tuesday October 31, 2017

Journey through the ruins of the once esteemed Brass Key Guesthouse and Shipwreck Lounge. Many guests who stayed at this famous hotel have things they would like to remain hidden in the past. Their misguided lives have left deviant impressions on the old hotel. What will be revealed to you by entering this forsaken place? You must brace yourself for an unforgettable thrill ride through the Haunted Hotel.

The Shipwreck will be open for drinking, carousing and debauchery till midnight. This attraction is for adults 21 and older.
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Event Production

Let's make the party happen
From initial ideas to post-production. In an airplane hangar or a library, on the pier or floating in the ocean. Decorations, music, costumes, food and beverages? No problem. DFP has been making the party happen since 2001. Learn more →

Business Concepts

Invent or re-invent your company
Whether your are starting a complete new business venture from the ground up like Wired Puppy or need a thematic make-over like Velvet Lounge, DFP can bring life to your ideas and bring your ideas to life. Learn more →

Theatrical Design

Lights, action...fantasy!
Enter into another world and be transported or stand and watch as that alternate reality comes to you. Thousands of people have marveled at DFP theatrical designs -- on the stage, in a haunted house, at dance parties and fundraisers, or on a parade float rolling down Commercial Street. Learn more →


David Flower Productions (DFP) is an award-winning production company delivering quality events since 2001. We have pleased clients across a wide geographical area with a range of events such as promotions for major record labels, large-scale parties for the gay community, and fund-raisers for cultural institutions. You might have seen us on the beach in Miami, at Gay Pride in Providence, at the Municipal Airport Hangar in Provincetown, or at the Boston Opera House. Our projects have included prop and float construction, costume and lighting design, music and DJ services, and event management.  We have also developed and marketed new enterprises, with services ranging from business concepts to graphic design and advertising support.